Smoking Causes Weight Loss

Actually, smoking is not a medication, but to shut down one door to obsession like food, you need an alternative. Smoking is not good itself, but though it can chop off your cravings thus help you get rid of unnecessary eating. That is why, smokers are seen comparatively thinner than… Continue Reading Smoking Causes Weight Loss

Top Fruits For Weight Loss

Fruits are a wonderful gift of God, and they are best when they can be used for weight loss. A number of fruits are naturally sourced of detoxification and helps reduce weight radically. Regular intake of fruits in the form of juices, rather more than juices are helpful to reduce… Continue Reading Top Fruits For Weight Loss

Cupping for weight loss

An excellent and ancient treatment, truly and trusted means of curing multiple diseases is cupping. Cupping has been believed to cure so minor and major diseases.  Who knew cupping can help with weight loss as well. Cupping is held with different methods for different problems. Cupping is held mostly on… Continue Reading Cupping for weight loss

Top Sports For Weight Loss

Exercises are among top essentials for daily life to remain fit and healthy body. You really don’t have to make excuses when it comes to exercising.  Its really good for body by all aspects, your joints aren’t stuck and metabolism is all perfect. Many people like sports but can’t enjoy… Continue Reading Top Sports For Weight Loss

Kalonji (Black Seeds) For Weight Loss

Kalonji seeds or black seeds are one element used abundantly in Asian cooking. Black seeds possess a lot of nutrients and minerals, far better than any medicine and used to treat a lot of diseases.  Kalonji seeds are also called Nigella seeds and have been used as a medicine for… Continue Reading Kalonji (Black Seeds) For Weight Loss

Japenese Green Tea For Weight Loss

There are a number of tea types sold around the globe, different flavors and different nature. Japanese green tea is worldwide believed as a remarkable weight loss agent.  Different kinds of tea blends are used for weight loss of Japanese green tea. Japanese green tea is not new, it has… Continue Reading Japenese Green Tea For Weight Loss

Beans Help Drop Pounds in A Week

Like Pulses, it is discovered that beans are helpful in losing weight drastically. Though beans are known for the unpleasant consequence, but if it is taken properly, it can be digested without bloating. Beans are rich in nutrients, they can be cooked in thousands of ways with other different food… Continue Reading Beans Help Drop Pounds in A Week

What is Protein Powder and How to Use it?

Protein powder is a supplement, mostly it is a staple food for body builders or people who aim to gain some mass.  Protein powder nowadays are commonly used by the gym-goers. Usually people want to have protein shakes right after they are done with gym, or usually before the gym… Continue Reading What is Protein Powder and How to Use it?