Smoking Causes Weight Loss

Actually, smoking is not a medication, but to shut down one door to obsession like food, you need an alternative. Smoking is not good itself, but though it can chop off your cravings thus help you get rid of unnecessary eating. That is why, smokers are seen comparatively thinner than other non smoker obsessed people. Anyhow, in many parts of big cities, people are observed with a strange habit of being addicted to food and smoking. Smoking itself is injurious to health, while food obsession does also create problems for human health. Both problems at a time will definitely create an issue thus makes person helpless to regain health again.

If a person isn’t a chain smoker, he can merely use smoking as a simple way to avoid food. Smoking reduces the hunger, thus it gets easier to take a little or no food for a time and then can continue with regular diet. A little smoking may not affect instantly in a negative way, there are other sources of taking mild nicotine for the sake of controlling cravings. But naturally smoking itself can turn into an addiction and damage respiratory tracks gradually if continued for a longer time period.

Smoking can thin you, it really does, but a little hard work can do better. Smoking doesn’t show results instantly, but can be seen after one month’s regular use. Smoking if can stop the food cravings, it will give birth to other issues like bad odor, nausea and bad attitude as well.

Doctors never suggest to smoke, it is strictly against health itself, meanwhile if the smoker can control on smoking and also help himself with the food cravings, things can go on parallel way. Later, if the smoker decides to quit smoking, would be great.

People usually smoke to reduce stress, to show off or just for pleasure, who knew nicotine could do a little better for food obsessed but that also in a controlled manner.