Kalonji (Black Seeds) For Weight Loss

Kalonji seeds or black seeds are one element used abundantly in Asian cooking. Black seeds possess a lot of nutrients and minerals, far better than any medicine and used to treat a lot of diseases.  Kalonji seeds are also called Nigella seeds and have been used as a medicine for major diseases like Diabetes, lower cholesterol level and weight loss.

Kalonji seeds in also is used in cooking, mostly in veg dishes and curry preps.  Anyhow, it has been used as powders, oil and plainly as seeds in different aspects.  Kalonji or black seeds contain crude fiber, volatile oils and calcium, which are all essential for body health. Moreover, it contains sodium, potassium, nigellone, iron, protein and amino acids that all work together to boost energy levels and fix any imbalances in body by itself.

Medical researches show that black seeds, like 4 to 5 seeds only, when taken with one glass of warm water for a week, make the fat dissolve from the belly thus making the physique slim and thin. The fat on the belly is mostly the hardest part to treat. Regular use of black seeds makes it possible without any hard work.

Just to add taste, if cinnamon and honey are also included with the warm water, it surely will make the results appear quicker in a healthy way since honey and cinnamon have their own tendencies to lose weight. Apparently,  if they all are combined with black seeds will make it a complete set for weight loss and that also without any hard work.

The promise to make is, it must be taken regularly. Black seeds are very small and light, it should be taken carefully that is not more than 5 seeds should be taken as a treatment per day. Kalonji or black seeds work best when taken 30 minutes before breakfast  and before sleep.  A complete diet in the treatment will not let you feel weak and that you will get motivated to work more with the same treatment as you will see the positive results in just a few weeks.

Everything taken in correct portion is the best quote.  Right proportions of all ingredients or plainly for Kalonji seeds should be observed carefully. Secondly, the right product is very essential, make sure the product you are using are clean and not chemically treated. Original food products are best to use for treatments and regular use.