What is Protein Powder and How to Use it?

Protein powder is a supplement, mostly it is a staple food for body builders or people who aim to gain some mass.  Protein powder nowadays are commonly used by the gym-goers. Usually people want to have protein shakes right after they are done with gym, or usually before the gym when they are short of time or intend to skip meal and have protein shakes instead.

Protein powder comes in variety, the whey powder, which is most commonly used because it is water soluble – milk protein. Other than this, are soy and casein powder that are commonly used.  Protein powder is a supplement that boosts energy levels for heavy duty work. Although it is not a complete substitute of whole grain food, but still is a secondary way of getting wholesome proteins in short of time.

Best times for protein powders is in early breakfast, or right before gym to get a kick start for heavy exercising and body building. People who are short of time and also many women who aim to lose weight, get a shaker bottle with them while at work.

Though experts recommend not to complete rely on protein shakes, as it can’t be solely taken as a source of complete nutrition. Wholesome meals are the only source of nutrition, yet protein shakes can be taken twice a day, according to a diet plan, or can add some value for gym goers.

A slight difference is to be followed  in the intake of protein powder for both men and women.  This is because men and women need protein amount differently.There are thousands of different recipes for protein powders that adds taste and health in favorite style. Protein powders are beneficial in red cell production, maintaining the immune system and improving skin, nails and hair conditions.

It is important to know the kind of protein powder that is required for the purpose and the amount of intake. It is recommended to take protein powder under nutritionist guide. A genuine product is merely the most important thing to deal with. The market is full of suppliers who sell dangerous chemicals in shape of fake protein powders. It is important to buy the genuine product or as prescribed by the doctor.