Weight loss Like Tanisha Thomas

A well-known celebrity from the ‘Bad Girls Club’ who appeared huge but now is center of attention due to her drastic weight loss of 12 pounds in a week. Here she has shared her weight loss tips openly to all fans and other people who aim weight loss for a better life.

According to Tanisha, it’s highly important to stay motivated for weight loss. That is if you really want to see the change, you need to stay focused and don’t let it down in amidst.

‘Staying on the track’-she says, is really important when you are up to lose weight. Many people aim high but they give up soon because they assume they can’t practically carry on the practice for weight loss.

Staying disciplined is one tip she shared, believing in yourself and throwing all the junk from your life is really important and has biggest impact on weight loss.  Nothing makes you beautiful as being disciplined.

Weight loss is a practice, you need to make things possible around you and stop all the junk that promotes weight gain. Alcohol, junk food, sleeping disorders may not individually affect your body, but when all things come up together, they definitely ruin your body digestive system and make the fat bulking up. Weight get on faster and it becomes heck to shed it off.

So, it’s best to take things in balance like work, family, self and leisure time. A small part of all activities can make things decent and life becomes quite livable.  Its ok to enjoy weekends but having junk food all time, no time for exercises and totally shut down of healthy food will definitely make you fatter.

Weight loss doesn’t mean you look sleek, but it does mean you look healthy and you feel healthy as well. Good health and normal weight does not only make you beautiful, it makes you safe from a lot of diseases and serious disorders.

Tanisha tried hard, it’s not easy to give up on all junk at all, but she is really enjoying the 12 pounds loos in a week and this is the motivation she needs. For sure, a little weight loss is no time can encourage carrying on practice till the goal is achieved.